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I am a fashionable teenager girl, and beauty is my relentless pursuit in life. However, due to my ignorance of eye care and neglecting of eye protection, I became near-sighted. As a result, I had to wear eyeglasses, which causes discomfort to my life and also dressing-up for wearing prescription glasses. The traditional eyeglasses usually have rimmed or semi-rimmed frames, which made eyeglasses wearers, look dull and lifeless, sometimes even like a nerd. Of course, the eyeglasses also bring a lot of trouble to me. So I decided to try on some new and fashionable eyeglasses, which will add beauty to me. > There also exists another distressing problem which is very crucial. This is the price of fashionable prescription eyeglasses. As often as not, the price of fashionable eyeglasses is higher than that of common ones, so I always hesitated about buying the fashionable eyeglasses which will make me look gorgeous and vivacious and attractive.

Occasionally, once I was shopping online and found an online prescription eyeglasses shop where all variety of eyeglasses in various designs and styles and functions, at different prices and of different materials is offered. I was very excited and happy at this online prescription eyeglasses shop. Then I continued to browse the shop and looked at the comments by the customers from which I judged that this online shop is reliable and trustworthy. After chatting and counseling the clients of the online eyeglasses shop, I was in assured that I could shop in this shop for it is reliable and provides discount glasses and free delivery services for customers. So I ordered a pair of rimless eyeglasses made of metal and of golden frames at a discount prices. Three days later, the eyeglasses I ordered was sent to me, which was exactly the one I ordered and to my great satisfaction for they are of high quality. Besides, after wearing the eyeglasses, I finally got ride of the nerd image and became an instant beauty. Of course, it also made my life more convenient whether doing sports or studying or attending parties. Many of my friends asked me about the eyeglasses shop where I shopped my new and fashionable eyeglasses.