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Change the Concept of Prescribing Eyeglasses

1, check the vision untimely 

When the body is in the long stage of adolescence, the heavy homework also accompanied by myopia, so eyes should be regularly tested. If you have found your eyesight have gradually decreased and become more and more blur, reaching less than 0.8, then you’d better to find an ophthalmologist to find out the reasons. When you are recommended to prescribe eyeglasses, you have to wear as quickly as possible, or vision would decrease more quickly over time?

2, to treat falseness short-sighted by wearing eyeglasses

Falseness myopia is mainly due to too much burden for teenagers that they have to spend more time on study which cause the decreased vision. In fact, the falseness myopia axial with the face of people . As long as the eyes have proper rest, lifting the spasm of ciliary muscles , vision will be restored to normal. Therefore, the best way to treat falseness myopia is not by wearing eyeglasses. Once they have prescribed eyeglasses, the eyes will change gradually with the formation of true myopia.

3, to prescribe eyeglasses without a prescription

Eyeglasses must be purchased with a good inspection, checking carefully of your degrees Refraction methods are divided into computer optometry, Insert optometry and retinoscopy. Eyeglasses are of scientific physical therapy equipments. An accurate refractive glasses are available for wearers who suffer from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other refractive errors to regain a clear, bright world. On the contrary, a pair of inaccurate eyeglasses with low vision can not reach the purpose of correction, if the degree is too high, then it can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, so that it may cause other adverse consequences.

4, high diopters over needed

It is not so good for young people to wear eyeglasses with myopia lens to 1.5. Some short-sighted vision demanded 1.5. As a result, after wearing such prescription eyeglasses, dizziness, eye-bulging, eye fatigue and other phenomena are going to appear. Generally, it is enough to reach  to the 1.0 or 1.2.

5, to order a pair of eyeglasses without correct pupilary distance

To invest in a pair of qualified eyeglasses, the first step except to optometry accurately,the assembly should also meet the technical parameters. Such as optical center which is based on the pupilary distance to locate, which is the key of assembling qualified eyeglasses. Otherwise it will cause optical center the distance deviation, vertical deviation of optical center and many other issues. And it even lead to weakened, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eye swelling and other undesirable phenomena, and may even can not wear eyeglasses any more.