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Entertainment stars and sunglasses frames

Entertainment stars have pretty and attractive appearances, but if we merely take their face type into consideration, actually their face types are not perfect. That is part of the reason that why famous stars usually wear big sunglasses when appear among the public. Different kinds of glasses are the essential to decorate our face type and improve appearance. Usually, the entertainment stars have better tastes in choosing glasses to suit their images since they usually have personal style designers. No matter which type our face belong to, we can learn the skills of choosing suitable glasses frames from the stars. Here I want to say something about entertainment stars and their glasses.

First, the typical person with quadrate face: Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie’s face type is the typical quadrate face, glasses with big round lenses and slim legs are more suitable. Round or large oval lenses will balance the quadrate face type, and smooth the outline of your face.
Second, the typical person with rectangular face: Jennifer Garner.
Jennifer Garner has a rectangular face, but glasses that have wide-sized temples cover the defects of her face and make her look more beauty. In fact, most large-size glasses are suitable to this kind of face type, which will make the wearers’ face look shorter. Wide temples will better the effect.

Third, the typical person with round face: Emma Stone.
For those who have round faces, the most important principle of choosing glasses is never choosing round lenses, which would makes your round face rounder. The suitable glasses style is square or rectangular lenses with slightly-raised temples. And the frame should be slim and exquisite.

Above all, the appropriate glasses frames would improve our appearances, so it is important to know how to choose glasses that are suitable to our image. Learning from famous stars is a wise and easy way to achieve that. If you have eyesight problems, you must buy prescription sunglasses. I have been nearsighted for many years, so I am experienced. It is of key-importance to go professional optical stores to buy prescription sunglasses. But recently I always buy them online because it is convenient and the price is cheap. I know that the net optical store is a trustable and professional one. I love it, and sincerely recommend it to you.