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Excellent Pure Titanium Eyeglass Frames

The materials of eyeglass frames include metals, plastics, stainless steel as well as unusual ones such as wood, stone, titanium and so on. Meanwhile, according to eyeglass frames aspects, they can be divided into different types. For instance full rim, semi-rim, and rimless are used to describe the frame structure of eyeglasses. In my opinion, full rim glasses are the best excellent pure titanium eyeglass frames, comparing with other shape.

The hottest metal frame material nowadays is titanium. And, pure titanium is an extremely strong, lightweight metal used to manufacture a wide variety of products from aircraft and satellites to golf clubs and cameras. Titanium frames may be composed of pure titanium or titanium alloys (sometimes called “beta titanium”) that contain small amounts of vanadium, aluminum, and other metals to increase flexibility. Titanium frames are very light and durable. The strength of titanium allows manufacturers to create frames with very thin and minimalistic designs.

As a Titanium classic frame, it is lighter than regular metal frame, perfect choice for those people who are allergy to metal. Including anti-corrosion, high stability, high strength, and good elasticity with the spring hinge temples and a free magnetic clip-on, they are very comfortable wearing without too much stress. The benefit for using titanium in eyeglasses frames now seems obvious. Titanium will result in frames that are equally as strong as stainless steel frames yet are only half the weight.

Some people are allergies about the material, so when they select the frame, they should be careful. Commonly, using Titanium frames maybe a good choice. They are also hypoallergenic and non corrosive so they won’t react with your skin. And titanium frames are available in a wide variety of colors. Of course, titanium or titanium alloys frames are more expensive than most other metal frames. Though titanium ore is abundant in the earth’s crust, the high melting point of titanium (approx. 3,000 degrees F) makes it much more difficult to purify and process than other metals. is USA best prescription glasses frames and lenses online, save up to 70% to buy eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses. Buy high quality pure titanium frames and lenses with a 100% money back guarantee, anti-scratch coating, and professional service.