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Eyeglass Frames for Men

Eyeglass frames enhance our overall look. Like other accessories such as hats and neckties. To a man, glasses are not only a proper reflection of his temperament but could show their good tastes and personalities as well. Research shows, men are not as picky as lady, they often pay more attention on the comfort and fit of their eyeglasses than women do, durability is another factor that attracts them. They think even though a frame looks great, they will also be unwilling to wear it if the fit is uncomfortable.

Men tend to have larger body and heads. So they normally choose a frame with total width size around 145 mm or bigger. In addition, their eyes are usually father apart. For this reason, men’s glasses tend to have a longer bridge and sometimes even longer temples to accommodate for this change. When it comes to colors, gun metal or silver is the most popular option for men. Of course, for those men who like to chase fashion, they can choose some other colored frames of glasses, such as black or demi -amber ones.

As for material, most men like Metal frame with plastic temples. But If the temples of glasses are made of bendable titanium material, it always means high quality, as they can bend this kind of glass frame back and forth as they wish, another advantage of this kind of men’s glasses is that the arms can literally mold to people’s faces and ears, which means more comfortable.

Full frame or half frame is their preference, for they are more durable than rimless eyeglasses frames. When we choose glasses for men, we should take the frame shape into account. Suitable glasses for men can properly fit to men’s looks. The most suitable frames shape of glasses for men is opposite of wearers’ facial shapes. offers the most famous and exclusive prescription glasses and sunglasses for men, women and kids in more than 700 different styles. Why should we buy from Complete Prescription Eyeglasses starting $7.95 only, including anti-scratch coating and UV-protection coating. Check out their discount glasses with high quality and fashionable designs from today!