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How to Choose Prescription Lens for High Myopia Patiants

How to choose the right lens for a high myopia suffers? Thick lens will affect the appearance, and how to make your own eyes looks attractive when wearing a pair of prescription eyeglasses? Here are a few choices of lens for them to come up with all such problems.

Of course, a good lens should be thinner, then to choose a high refractive index lens is the best choice. So as to frame at the choice point must to be relatively small, so that the whole eyeglasses can be more beautiful.

Lens for correcting high myopia requires hi-technology that very thick around but the central point is quite thin. There are several ways to help reduce the thickness of the lens periphery:

(1) Choose a smaller eyeglasses frames: large glass frames will not only increase the thickness of the lens around, but also increased the weight of the lens.

(2) Select materials with high refractive index of the lens: This lens are lighter and thinner than the average refractive index of the lens, so you will be more comfortable with it.

(3) To select a non-spherical lens: This lens are customized with thinnest spherical surface, light weight, and optical distortion have been reduced as well.

(4) Do not use the rimless frames: Because there is no frame marginal parcels around the eyeglasses , which makes it easy to see the edge of these thick lenses, while lenses are not stable with this frame.

(5) Select Resin Lens: For most of patients, choose resin lens is better, because the weight of plastic lenses is only half of the glass lenses. Besides, anti-ultraviolet coating is also better, not easy to break, or easy to dye.

(6) Select polycarbonate lens: This lens is not easy to break, particularly appropriate for children and athletes. People who get the -7.00 diopters of myopia should bring with more than one pair of polycarbonate lenses.

These are a few options for high myopia patients, choose the right is the best.