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I bought my first pair of eyeglasses in my life online.

Over and over again
These are not the coolest eyeglasses I have ever seen; this is not the cheapest shop I have ever met. However I bought my first pair of eyeglasses on line on this online eyeglass shop? Do you want to know why? Then please follow my step.

As the Christmas season is going gradually out of people’s sight and we all go back to our daily routine life: working sleeping eating and sometimes shopping. For me shopping is not my priority for fun. I could get little amusement while shopping from store to store, for I’m tired seeing the faces of untrustness between different people. Bargain is the order of the day. Buyers don’t show their real interest to the goods but pretend to be indifferent to the goods they want to buy. Shopkeepers are trying their best to persuade the buyers that the price they offer is the most the can do and they are doing this is for the personal respect for the buyer. Hypocritical, isn’t it?

So what’s my solution? Shopping online came to my mind.

Perhaps you already have the experience of shopping online for books CDs or clothes for this matter. But I bet you have never bought a pair of eyeglasses online. Or it is even seldom for you to see an online website selling pairs of eyeglasses. this website is what I have seen during the Christmas season. That day I was boring about the cleaning work which had been down before the Christmas. Senior citizen always require us younger ones to keep the good old traditions in heart and action. So cleaning and ordering must be the most important thing before the coming Christmas. We should have a clean and well lighted place for the coming Christ. That night after all the boring chores had come to a stop; I opened the computer and searched online for a basketball. Somehow some curious site let me to the eyeglasses website I closed it the first time it came to my face after I saw the big pair of sunglasses. I have never thought of buying such personal thing online. Because in my knowledge, something you have to do before buying a pair of glasses is to get your eyes tested and through which decide what degrees of glasses suit you. To my great surprise, the website came out again and again, so I thought maybe it is a sign for me to have a look. Then you know, since the glasses are fairly good and the discount during the Christmas season is quite tempting. One thing led to another, I bought my first pair of eyeglasses in my life online.