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Rimless glasses may be a great choice for you!

After you get your latest prescription from the optometrist, it is time to consider which method is more cost-effective of buying your prescription eyeglasses, online site or local stores, so what next? Frame materials, lens shape or the brands? In my opinion, the frame style is more important which you need to take account into, such as full-rim, semi-rim and rimless glasses, each one has its own advantages, however, more and more people today are inclined to rimless glasses, even those people who are never for flaunting prescription eyeglasses, as they give you a simple look lenses just seem to be invisible on your face!

Excepting the two temples, there are only several tiny screws in the position of nose bridge between the two lenses. Three most popular advantages of rimless glasses are: lightweight; can be applied in both near and distance vision correction; cost friendly.

However, choosing a suitable pair of rimless glasses for you own face style and personality is not so simple, you cannot select it only according to your face contour, as we all know that eyeglasses frame may distort a person’s natural appearance by located hiding the cheekbone and your upper brow, after long time of wearing, they can also have the effect of distort your vision, so, ask for some little maintenance for the lenses, and before you try online stores, I suggest you can come to some local eyeglasses shops, there you can try to wear more pairs of rimless glasses, looking for which one will be most suitable for your face and personality, after that you will find it is more convenience to select them online!

Fashion statement is another important factor of buying such rimless glasses. You will no need to repeat buying them just as those common plastic prescription eyeglasses which may be out of style just in several months. Simplicity and classic are two impressive features of wearing rimless glasses, you can wear them for any kind of setting, office work, friend’s party or even some important presentation, such rimless glasses can show your face well without hiding anything,

As the price of rimless glasses, it is more based on the bridge material and hinge design than the lenses, sometimes it is more expensive that those common plastic and metal eyeglasses, especially if you choose titanium material for the hinges, however, it is a wise way to get it at online site, you know why, good price and quality are always two important factor of buying anything!